Try Our New and Improved eFiling Interface

October 18, 2018

WIPO is pleased to announce the release of a demo version of our upcoming new eFiling interface for the Hague System.

What’s changed?

The user interface of the Hague eFiling has been completely revamped to provide users with a modern, more easily accessible and smoother means to file online applications. If you are familiar with other WIPO online services, such as the ePCT filing interface, you will feel right at home with the improved interface for the Hague eFiling.

This new version of eFiling also comes with a new and easier payment portal – ePay. With ePay, you will enjoy additional payment methods (such as PayPal) and integration with the WIPO Basket, which offers one virtual basket containing all payments due. This allows you to make multiple payments for different WIPO services simultaneously.

You will be using the new interface when you file an application, communicate with WIPO, or manage your application portfolio. The process to complete all of these actions remains the same, making the transition easy.

About the demo version

Warning – Please remember that this is a demo version and should not be used to attempt to file real international applications, submit any confidential data or documents, or submit any real payment information. This demo is strictly for demonstration and testing purposes and to give you an opportunity to try out the new interface and design before the launch of the final version.

While using the demo version you may encounter minor issues with it. This is normal since this is still a work in progress. We welcome all feedback on the new interface and/or any issues you encounter. To send us feedback, please use the Contact Hague service.

Additionally, to use the demo version you will be required to make a separate WIPO Account. You can create this account by clicking on the “Create WIPO account” link on the demo version sign in page. Please note that if you already have a WIPO Account, it will not work with the demo of the new eFiling.

Should you have any questions on how to use the new interface, please consult our demo tutorial.

When will the new version officially launch?

The new Hague eFiling design and interface is expected to replace the current eFiling by the end of November 2018. The official launch date will be announced soon. Please be aware that once the new interface launches, the old eFiling interface will no longer be available to make official Hague System applications.

The demo version will continue to be available for users to become accustomed to the new design and interface before making a real application in the new interface.

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