Work in Zone of Genius to Identify Real Intellectual Assets #ZoneofGenius #Innovation

To Do What to DO When YOU Start YOUR Journey of Doing Business with Right Tenacity #ZoneofGenius

Power Of Thinking & Being in the Zone of Genius is the KEY Aspect to Be What YOU Want to be in Online Internet Space in Industry 4.0 Era. The guru mantra of any business model is very simple.

The real game changer is the big leap to execute with a mandate of foreseeing short term goals and long term goals to be successful & get to a point in life where YOUR business is in auto-pilot mode.

As a founder You should have the tenacity to resonate with your business model. The same concept can be applied with certainty or uncertainty when betting on the horse or the jockey riding the horse.

Moral of this example is that you have to present yourself to attain your own TRUE potential to create that WOW response from your peers and customers.

The super power thought process which is intellectual enough can be protected through various Intellectual Property Assets mainly Brand trademarks, Copyrights, Patents and Industrial Designs in one or more countries.

– Identify the Right Roadmap.
– Work on YOUR Innate Talent and create that Magic to solve problems using technlogy as a tool of awesomeness

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