Sarojini Naidu Nightingale of India #jaihindjaibharat #SarojiniNaidu

Nightingale of India is being Remembered #HappyBirthdaySarojiniNaidu * United We Stand & Embrace India’s GDP #UnitedIndiaAlliance
The word “United” has a lot of onus to get the right direction. Sarojini Naidu was the first woman Governor of United Provinces aka Uttar Pradesh. 13th February, 2019 is being celebrated as 140th birth anniversary of Nightingale of India. A true poetess born in a Bengali Hindu family at Hyderabad and was educated in Chennai, and London respectively. Sarojinijee joined the Indian national movements in the wake of partition of Bengal in 1905. So much to learn and imbibe from #SarojiniNaidu #NightingaleofIndia #HappyBirthdaySarojiniNaidu
Learnings: How about changing the name of India to “UnitedIndiaAlliance” in time to come. Some words are magical words and after research I BELIEVE “United” is good in the interest of 1.35 billion citizens of Bharat #UnitedIndiaAlliance #thoughtinthemoment #jaihindjaibharat


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