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Patent Law in India* Patent Lawyer in India* Patent Registration in India #IndianPatentLaw

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Workshop: Patent Registration in India #IntellectualAssets
Transforming knowledge in tangible format to understand IP assets. How do I file a provisional patent application?
Hire qualified patent strategist to write and file a provisional patent application before the patent office.
How much does it cost to file a provisional patent?
Cost of writing a good, strong patent application comes at a cost.
Is a provisional patent worth it?
Yes, the disclosure will be taken into due consideration at the time of patent infringement by any third party.
Do provisional patent applications get published?
No, when the non-provisional patent application is not filed after filing the provisional patent application. The initial patent documents are only available once the complete patent application is filed before the Indian Patent Office.
Service Offerings: Doing international patent information researches, Patent Mapping to products to identify infringers, Intellectual Property Rights management for universities, drafting patent specifications, preparing response to notification of reasons for innovation refusal, go to person to facilitate patent licensing and initiating patent infringement proceedings before the Delhi High Court.

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