Global Innovation Index 2019 Results Revealed at Launch Event in India

WIPO Assistant Director General and Chief of Staff Naresh Prasad revealed the results of the Global Innovation Index 2019 at a launch event in New Delhi, India.

For the first time, the GII launch was hosted by the Government of India, which uses the GII in creative ways to strengthen its policy framework for innovation at both the national and regional levels. Mr. Prasad thanked the Government of India, the Confederation of Indian Industry and other GII partners for hosting the GII 2019 launch event and panel discussions.

The GII 2019 ranks the innovation performance of 129 countries and economies around the world, based on 80 indicators. It is co-published by WIPO, Cornell University and INSEAD. The GII is the world’s premier tool for evaluating economies’ innovation capacity and performance. It is used by countries across the globe to better understand how to foster innovation among their populations, with policy makers using the GII’s findings and methodology in creative ways to advance innovation-led economic and social growth.




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