Ease of Business Innovation in India #technologypolicy #facebook #amazon #apple #google

Aim for Goldilocks Economy #technologypolicy
Source of Next breakthrough Asset is not going to be Amazon , Apple , Google or Facebook. History has witnessed that breakthrough disruptive technology is always a new entity. On analysing the legal facts one can opine that portfolio of IPRs as a resource facilitate process to increase GDP of a country multifold with proper implementation.

What drives innovation in true sense is the question one needs to answer to offset current way of doing and analysing policies?

What is value creation for individual inventors’ and small enterprises that can facilitate India aka Bharat to grow by leaps and bounds?

What type of Investment is required to bring India to a global platform harnessing and enriching IPRs as an asset?

One needs to redefine the term “Investment” in true sense to harness results to generate employment and fortify talent in the country.

Answer is conducive environment to foster & launch lucrative tax benefit to enterprises to support small scale technology driven enterprises & innovators. Articulation process has to be fast forward to see amplified effect in India


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