Blockchain & Bigdata Business Strategy #FintechStrategy101#BigDatastrategy

Data Science Analysis is Subversive in Business #Mypatentguru #BigDatastrategy
Filing Fintech Patents are just one part of the pie. Blockchain & Big data are being used in synchronicity in the 5G Era. Recent explosion in data need to be analysed with hawk eye approach. Transformative technologies are changing current way of doing business. Human mind perceive colours & patterns more easily & there is no rule book to understand nature.
Still the unanswered question of every innovation is where to draw the silver lining in Industry 4.0.
My journey of working in almost every technology sector over the years has opened up new horizon of my thinking capacity and understanding IPR and intellect which is truly a mesmerising gift to work on your passion, solve the clues, unveil the puzzle and strategise profit making strategies #Globaltrotter #technology #innovation #sustainability


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