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IP One by Azrights

Secure Your Intellectual Property, Secure Your Business

IPOne is a fixed price service to give businesses of all sizes the advice they need in order to decide how to strategically enhance the business. This might:

increase the value of your business
create new income streams
protect your existing revenue streams
grow your profit margins
attract finance
protect your market share
prevent competitors from copying your ideas
reduce future risks and liability (including personal liability of directors)
give you a legal monopoly
protect the effort you have put into your business
So it makes sense to take control of your IP sooner rather than later.

Your business revenues depend on having secure assets.

There are three fixed price service options:

IPOne Start up
IPOne Early Stage
IPOne Audit.

Ideally every business will get the IPOne Audit as it offers more comprehensive help to protect your competitive position whether you’re a pre-start up or established business. The IPOne – Early Stage has little scope for drafting documents, while the IPOne Start Up is a high value option which has its place – such as if you’re on a very tight budget. At least you can still get advice and support at a fixed price.

Strategic thinking brings efficiency enabling you to use your resources well, avoiding wasted time, and the need to undo ill-considered actions. If you’d like more details about the differences between the offerings, or would like to discuss the options get in touch.



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