Artificial Imbibed Intelligence: Power of Patent in AI #Machinelearning #Blockchain

Machine learning for Digital Inclusion #AIFirst #Innovationcoach #Invention #BigDataIndia #Digitalinclusion
Filing Patents is ONE aspect and a very small piece of pie when calculating damages in case of infringement. As an enterprise filing patents, getting the same granted and implementing the same to earn the BIG pie is #RealStrategy
The inception of IPRs itself is sharing the technology with the masses and managing trade related aspects is a puzzle.

#MadeinInternet is getting a new meaning to solve existing issues to make life easy for humans to survive.

Lesson Learnt:
Understand the REAL intent of IPRs and create a holistic pool to survive and increase size of the BIG pie #innovation #aitech #innovationforeveryone #StartupLawyer #InnovationCoach #cybercorplegal

Indian PCT Patent Attorney Bigdata IPRGamechanger
Prity Khastgir is a Global Trotter in 5G Public Affairs *Fintech Bigdata Blockchain* AR,AI, ML, Iot Patent #Cyberlaw #BigdataPatentAttorney美女/
Buzzword nowadays is #AI and recently #AIFIRST is ruling the online charts. The abbreviation AI refers to Artificial Intelligence. However, with deep insights we have deduced a new meaning to AI which in our dictionary refers to “Actionable Intelligence” with a viewpoint to emphasise the importance of intellect in developing solutions in the healthcare sector and reinventing the wheel of healthcare with deployment of AI in human life.
Growing User base in Patenting and filing Patents to Increase GDP of India aka Bharat


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