The New ANAME Record – Webinar Recording

ANAME isn’t what it used to be… when we (DNS Made Easy) created the ANAME record over seven years ago it revolutionized DNS’s relationship with CDN’s. ANAME made it possible to point the root record (apex) of a domain to an FQDN. Over the past seven years, we’ve continued to update and revamp ANAME to meet the demands of modern cloud-based infrastructures –namely with the advent of cloud environments that require regional IP addresses. We responded by integrating our regional traffic director (GTD) with ANAME, allowing for regional lookups.

But there is still so much more we can do to improve ANAME. However, we realized there were many limitations with our existing codebase. So instead of revamping DNS Made Easy’s ANAME, we engineered an entirely new ANAME in Constellix. Constellix ANAME allows for even more precise regional lookups that are compatible with both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses, which makes our ANAME solution ideal for multi-CDN and multi-cloud implementations.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg… Watch the live recording of the webinar to learn about the many advantages of Constellix ANAME, how it differs from DNS Made Easy and other providers, and learn how we do real-time lookups in the background so you never have an outage.


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