Presidential Rap Battle

What starts as a humble PSA wherein 2 of our nations beloved founding fathers discuss what they feel the most important part about the domain name system, DNS is, turns to a rap battle for knowledge supremacy!


Listen up Ben, Stuff’s about to get serious. Gonna school you so hard you’re left bi-focal curious. Put yo hands up to the ceilin’ see if you get da feelin’. Here are the most dope-hyped Factoids, I believe in.

Number one, DNS ain’t just for fun. It’s the complex system that how the whole web’s run on. Converting URLs, to IP addresses, taking out the hard work of recallin’ these messes.

The first time they tried it was back in ’83. Done by Paul Mockapetris with his PhD. He be the father of the whole nine, his rep like mine, father of our country, leave da British behind.

How you holdin’ up Ben? Think you know more? Let me tell you ’bout these students back in ’84. They wrote the first Unix implementation of DNS, B-I-N-D, is B-E-S-T, BEST.

The Berkley Internet Name Domain’s implemented. Possibly the most important thing invented! I don’t expect that someone like you’d understand, with your beady-little glasses and a head full of sand.

I see what you mean, trust me, I understand. But knowing DNS ain’t like governing the land. There’s certain information everybody should know. Makes me wonder how you lead us when your brain is so slow.

Like did you know, before the invention of DNS, admins would download files packed with Address-es. They’d have to go and map it manually like the chumps, or da fringe in yo family.

I stomp yo knowledge to the ground, like a moron in chess. Now, see if you’ve heard this about the DNS.

The top hierarchy’s served by the root name servers, but that’s just the start, of all the machines that serve us.

Take for example recursive, authoritative. Help you navigate the web like you was native. Authoritative servers be either masters or slaves, and with more redundancy, it’s yo ass they aimin’ to save.

The client side of DNS is called a resolver, It’s how you post yo fanfics about Velvet Revolver. Takin’ website requests from yo boss OS, and lookin’ for da way that really gets you there best.

And then there’s cache, which sound like cash in cash money, but don’t go sayin’ that lest yo honey look at you funny. I got a million of these verbal grenades; tell me George how much more til I drive you to rage?

Gentlemen, we’ve strayed from the topic at hand. You both possess the knowledge that your people demand. Now here’s a little factoid that both of you have missed, time to make up, agree, add this to yo lists.
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