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2018 Nominating Committee Update on Candidate Selections

LOS ANGELES – 17 July 2018 – The 2018 Nominating Committee (NomCom) is pleased to announce that the selection of all 2018 open ICANN leadership positions was finalized by the Committee at ICANN62 in Panama City, Panama. The selections for the three ICANN Board positions were decided unanimously. The ICANN organization has sent out communications to the successful candidates & any alternates, as well as to those who made it to the final round but were not selected this year. The NomCom plans to make a public announcement of the successful candidates in August 2018.
The 2018 NomCom would like to thank the Board, Advisory Committees, Supporting Organizations, stakeholder groups, & constituencies for their support with outreach & recruitment, as well as their assistance in outlining requested criteria for the open positions. The NomCom encourages the ICANN community to continue its assistance in recruiting candidates for the 2019 NomCom.
For more information…

Successful Candidates Announced for ICANN63 Fellowship

LOS ANGELES – 16 July 2018 – The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names & Numbers (ICANN) organization is pleased to announce the 45 individuals from 39 countries that have been selected to participate in the ICANN Fellowship Program at ICANN63 Annual General in Barcelona, Spain, from 20-25 October 2018.
The successful candidates represent all sectors of society including, civil, government, ccTLD operations, academia, business community, technical, security, & end user groups.
The Fellowship Program seeks out individuals who are interested in, or already engaged in, the various aspects of ICANN’s work in policy building, the operation of the Domain Name System, and the security & stability of the worldwide Internet. The goal of the program is to help create a broader & more diverse base of knowledgeable constituents. Priority is given to candidates currently living in underserved and underrepresented communities around the worldwide, representing diversity of gender, sector, region, experience, expertise, &…

Enforcing the Temporary Specification

In May, the ICANN Board adopted the Temporary Specification for gTLD Registration Data, modifying our agreements with registries & registrars to comply with the European Union's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Since then, ICANN Contractual Compliance has received a number of questions regarding how we would enforce these new provisions. The purpose of this blog is to describe our approach to enforcing the Temporary Specification, explain how to file complaints about potential violations of the new provisions, & share information on some of the issues we have seen so far. As noted at the World Domains Division (GDD) Industry Summit in May & at the ICANN62 Policy Forum in June, ICANN Contractual Compliance is enforcing the requirements of the Temporary Specification as of 25 May 2018, as it does any other ICANN agreement or policy requirement. This is done through the Contractual Compliance function, which employs the same approach &…

ICANN Board of Directors Submits Comments Regarding NTIA’s Notice of Inquiry on Global Internet Policy Priorities

LOS ANGELES – 13 July 2018 – The Board of Directors of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names & Numbers (ICANN) submitted comments [PDF, 320 KB] today in response to the United States Dept. of Commerce National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) Notice of Investigation (NOI) on Global Internet Policy Priorities.
In its comments, ICANN’s Board of Directors highlighted the success of the multistakeholder model & enhancements made to the organization’s accountability mechanisms during the IANA stewardship transition. The comments also pointed to the high customer satisfaction levels delivered by the operator of the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) functions, Public Technical Identifiers (PTI).
For more information about the NTIA’s NOI, please visit
ICANN’s mission is to help ensure a stable, secure & unified international Internet. To reach another person on the Internet, you need to type an address – a name or a number – into your computer or other…

Data Protection/Privacy Update: Additional Guidance from the European Data Protection Board

The ICANN community has been engaged in focused discussion & engagement about the impact of the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) on the WHOIS system over the past year. During this time, ICANN org worked with the community to develop an interim approach for how ICANN & gTLD registries and registrars could continue to comply with ICANN agreements in relation to the GDPR. This interim solution was adopted by the ICANN Board in May 2018 as the Temporary Specification for gTLD Registration Data. The community continued discussions during ICANN’s recent meeting in Panama (ICANN62), which included discussions about initiating policy development work for a long-term solution, as well as a possible unified approach to allow continued access to full WHOIS data to third-parties with a legitimate interest. You can find key updates, documents, legal analyses, guidance from European data protection authorities, and inputs from the community about this…

Global Innovation Index 2018: China Cracks Top 20. Top Rankings: Switzerland, Netherlands, Sweden, UK, Singapore, U.S.

New York, July 10, 2018PR/2018/819
Released jointly by WIPO, Cornell University, INSEAD & the 2018 GII Knowledge Partners, the Confederation of Indian Industry, PwC’s Strategy& & the National Confederation of Industry (CNI) – Brazil & Brazilian Micro and Small Business Support Service (Sebrae) China broke into the world’s top 20 most-innovative economies as Switzerland retained its number-one spot in the International Innovation Index (GII) ranking published annually by Cornell University, INSEAD and the Globe Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). Rounding out the GII 2018 top ten: The Netherlands, Sweden, the United Kingdom, Singapore, United States of America, Finland, Denmark, Germany & Ireland.
Video: Press conference Video (Watch on YouTube) Now in its 11th edition, the GII is a detailed quantitative tool that helps worldwide decision makers better understand how to stimulate the innovative activity that drives ecomomic & human development. The GII ranks 126 economies based on 80 indicators, ranging from intellectual property filing rates to mobile-application creation, education spending & scientific & technical publications.
China’s number 17 ranking this year represents a breakthrough for an economy witnessing rapid transformation guided by government policy prioritizing research & development-intensive ingenuity. While the United States fell back to number six in the GII 2018, it is an innovation powerhouse that has produced many of the world’s leading hi-tech firms & life-changing innovations. “China’s rapid rise reflects a strategic direction set from the top leadership to developing world-class capacity in innovation and to moving the structural basis of the economy to more knowledge-intensive industries that rely on innovation to…

Root Server System Advisory Committee Review: Final Report Now Available

LOS ANGELES – 10 July 2018 – Today, Interisle Consulting Group, LLC, the independent examiner performing the second Root Server System Advisory Committee (RSSAC) Review, published its final report.
Read the report [PDF, 2.58 MB].
The final report includes an assessment of the RSSAC with eight principal findings & six principal recommendations for improving its operations. The recommendations focus on RSSAC purpose, effectiveness, & accountability.
The final report published today considers comments on the draft final report published on 1 May 2018, input provided during the public webinar on 9 May 2018 & any other feedback Interisle may have received.
Next Steps
The RSSAC Review Work Party (RWP) will prepare a feasibility assessment and initial implementation plan (FAIIP) based on the final report. This will include an analysis of recommendations in the final report for usability & prioritization, provisional budget implications, anticipated resources & the proposed implementation timeline.
Interisle & the RWP respectively will then present…

Office of the CTO Activities Brief: January to June 2018

The first half of 2018 has been busy for the ICANN organization’s Office of the Chief Technology Officer (OCTO) team. We have been involved in endeavors around the intercontinental to increase engagement with our peers and partners & improve knowledge of the Internet’s system of unique identifiers per ICANN’s mission. Some of our efforts include:
Providing capabilities & support to key actors to maintain the security, stability, & resiliency of the Internet’s system of unique identifiers. Providing technical analyses to support ICANN’s positions. Collecting & analyzing data to prepare stakeholders for the upcoming root zone Key Signing Key (KSK) rollover. Studying & measuring components of the Domain Name System (DNS).

In this brief, we’d like to highlight a few of our recent activities.
Root Zone Key Signing Key (KSK) Rollover
OCTO continues its work on the plan to update the root zone Key Signing Key (KSK) as part of the Internet Assigned Numbers…

FY19 Community Regional Outreach Program (CROP) Ready for Use by Eligible ICANN Communities

The Worldwide Stakeholder Engagement (GSE) & Policy teams are pleased to report that the Community Regional Outreach Program (CROP) FY19 is ready for the ICANN community to use as of 3 July 2018.
Following community consultations & Public Comments on the Draft FY19 Operating Plan & Budget, the ICANN Board allocated USD 50,000 for CROP in the final FY19 budget. To ensure that support for community outreach efforts remains within the appropriate budget framework while balancing the program goals, the ICANN organization was directed to review the existing CROP guidelines & develop improved, additional criteria for FY19. The ICANN org has also been tasked with assessing the CROP process at the end of FY19.
The final FY19 CROP guidelines are consistent with the other community travel & outreach programs that the ICANN org administers. Accordingly, the fundamental principle is that CROP funding is to be used for FY19 outreach efforts that are…

Initial Report on the New gTLD Subsequent Procedures Policy Development Process (Overarching Issues & Work Tracks 1-4)

Open Date: 03 July 2018 Close Date: 05 September 2018 Originating Organization: GNSO Categories/Tags: Policy Development Brief Overview: This public comment proceeding seeks to obtain input on the Initial Report of the New gTLD Subsequent Procedures Policy Development Process Working Group, which is chartered to evaluate what changes or additions need to be made to existing new gTLD policy recommendations. The document includes materials from the full Working Group and four sub-teams within the Working Group, Work Tracks 1-4. Work Track 5, focused on Geographic Names & the Top-Level, will produce a separate Initial Report. Link:

Chair’s Blog: ICANN62 Meeting & Board Workshop

Thank you to everyone who participated in a successful ICANN62. Our gracious hosts in Panama made the meeting experience easy, & the active participation both from those joining remotely from their homes and those in the rooms made it very productive. In addition to working hard, I will sure many of you had an opportunity to wander around the old town, enjoy the local food, visit the Panama Canal, or even buy Panama hats (which everyone says are made in Ecuador!). The football World Cup also added quite a bit of amusement for those who were keen to follow match results on their smart phones or on the big screen. Board Workshop
In the days preceding ICANN62, the Board held a three-day workshop in Panama City. We held several public sessions, in-depth sessions about the key issues and priorities of each stakeholder group for ICANN62 in preparation for the meeting, &…

Expressions of Interest Sought for Chair of GNSO EPDP on the Temporary Specification for gTLD Registration Data

LOS ANGELES – 2 July 2018 – The Generic Names Supporting Organization (GNSO) is looking for expressions of interest to chair its Expedited Policy Development Process (EPDP) team on the Temporary Specification for gTLD Registration Data. The EPDP team is being formed following the adoption of the Temporary Specification by the ICANN Board, which went into effect on 25 May 2018. The EPDP team is required to complete its work before the expiration of the Temporary Specification on 24 May 2019.
The GNSO Council is looking to appoint a neutral Chair to the EPDP team. While the EPDP Chair may be a member of a group already represented on the EPDP team, the EPDP Chair shall not act in a manner which favors such group. With such an important issue under consideration, significant responsibility comes with the role to ensure the success of deliberations.
The EPDP team is expected to have weekly…

A Review of the Middle East DNS Forum: Five Years and Counting

When the Middle East DNS Forum reached its five-year milestone, a community survey was sent to previous participants, as well as the broader Middle East community, on 23 May 2018. The survey is aimed at assessing whether the forum has succeeded in addressing the concerns laid out by the ICANN’s regional strategy, which was published back in 2013. These concerns included the lack of an ecosystem that would foster the development of a domain industry; the need for raising awareness around opportunities created by a vibrant domain name marketplace; & the importance of building partnerships among relevant stakeholders to develop local expertise in different areas related to the Domain Name System (DNS).
Survey Results

The responses received were constructive & will be used to help us build on the efforts of the past five years. The majority of survey participants were positive about the forum’s:
Effectiveness Relevance of topics Speaker quality…

Proposal for Generation Panel for Myanmar Script Label Generation Ruleset for the Root Zone

LOS ANGELES – 28 June 2018 –The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names & Numbers (ICANN) today announced the formation of the Generation Panel to develop root zone Label Generation Rules (LGR) for the Myanmar script.
Following the Call for Generation Panels to Develop Root Zone Label Generation Rules, the Myanmar script community has submitted to ICANN the Proposal for Generation Panel for Myanmar Script Label Generation Ruleset for the Root Zone [PDF, 97 KB]. The ICANN organization reviewed the proposal, including panel composition & scope, to ensure that requirements set forth in the LGR Procedure [PDF, 771 KB], & in particular the criteria set forth in the Call for Generation Panels to Develop Root Zone Label Generation Rules, are fulfilled.
“On behalf of ICANN we are grateful to the Myanmar script community for volunteering to develop the Myanmar script LGR proposal for the root zone,” said Sarmad Hussain, Director of IDN Programs…

Update to Short-term & Long-Term Options to Adjust the Timeline for Specific Reviews

LOS ANGELES – 27 June 2018 – The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names & Numbers (ICANN) announces an extension to both the Public Comments on Short-term Options to Adjust the Timeline for Specific Reviews and the Long-term Options to Adjust the Timeline of Reviews in response to community requests for additional time to prepare comments.
The Public Comment periods on both the Short-term Options & Long-term Options remain open & we encourage all stakeholders to contribute.
The Public Comment period on Short-term Options to adjust the Timeline for Specific Reviews & the Public Comment period on Long-term Options to Adjust the Timeline of Reviews will close on 31 July 2018 at 23:59 UTC.
ICANN’s mission is to help ensure a stable, secure & unified intercontinental Internet. To reach another person on the Internet, you need to type an address – a name or a number – into your computer or other device….

Looking Ahead to ICANN63 in Barcelona

I’d like to thank everyone in the ICANN community who made ICANN62 a success. Policy Forums give stakeholders in our Supporting Organizations and Advisory Committees the important opportunity to work closer together for four intensive days of policy work & outreach. From 20–25 October, we return to Europe to the wonderful city of Barcelona for the ICANN63 Annual General Meeting. This year’s meeting is particularly important, as the first two days will coincide with the High-Level Government Meeting (HLGM) hosted by the Governmental Advisory Committee (GAC). The HLGM is held every two years in addition to the usual GAC meetings. Barcelona will be the fourth HLGM – previous meetings were held in Toronto (2012), London (2014), & Marrakech (2016). HLGMs reinforce the critical role that governments play in providing advice to the ICANN Board on public policy relating to the secure and stable functioning of the Domain Name System. They…

Top 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Panama

  The Panama hat is really from Ecuador – its name comes from the fact that the hats passed through Panama en route to other destinations around the globe. By the 1840s, tens of thousands of these tropical hats were being sent from Ecuador to Panama. The hat became even more popular when U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt was photographed wearing a Panama hat while inspecting the Panama Canal construction in 1906. Geologists imagine that the formation of the Isthmus of Panama – the narrow strip of land joining the North & South America – is one of the most important geologic events in the Earth's history. Three million years ago, the formation of a land bridge between the two continents caused currents in the Atlantic & Pacific to be completely rerouted, creating the ocean current patterns we see today. Another outcome was that plants & animals…

Co-Chairs Statement from CCWG-Accountability Meeting in Panama City

On 24 June 2018, the Cross Community Working Group on Enhancing ICANN Accountability (CCWG-Accountability) held a face-to-face meeting in Panama City, Panama to complete its discussions on Work Stream 2. 61 members & participants attended in-person and remotely using the virtual meeting room.
As a part of Work Stream 1, the CCWG-Accountability defined areas where further accountability discussions needed to take place. These discussions, called Work Stream 2, have been underway since June 2016 with the objective of completing the development of accountability measures which could not be completed in Work Stream 1.
During the meeting the CCWG-Accountability reviewed & approved the Implementation Guidance developed to address the four recommendations for which the ICANN Board had concerned (See May 14 letter from the Board to the CCWG-Accountability WS2). The Implementation Guidance will be attached to the WS2 Final Recommendations.
This then concludes the work of the CCWG-Accountability. The WS2 Final Report and Implementation…

ICANN’s Strategic Outlook Program Helps Identify Trends to Meet Challenges & Opportunities Ahead

As ICANN62 gets underway, I wanted to share a quick update with you on the progress being made in ICANN’s Strategic Outlook Program, a key part of developing the next ICANN strategic plan. As you may have heard Göran Marby & Cherine Chalaby mention before, long-term strategic planning is important for ICANN to navigate its way moving into the future. The Strategic Outlook Program is a key tool designed to help in this effort.
The Strategic Outlook Program is a joint effort between the ICANN organization, the community & the Board to identify and track trends that relate to ICANN & its mission to make sure that these opportunities and challenges are incorporated into ICANN’s current & future strategy. You may have already participated in one of the Trends Identification sessions or you may be planning to participate in one during ICANN62. So far, this year ICANN org has conducted 17…

2018 Multistakeholder Ethos Award Honors Stéphane Van Gelder

PANAMA CITY – 25 June 2018 – The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names & Numbers (ICANN) is honored to announce the recipient of the 2018 Multistakeholder Ethos Award. This year, the community selection panel posthumously recognized a long-time member of the ICANN community: Stéphane Van Gelder. The award was presented today at ICANN62 in Panama City to Stéphane Van Gelder’s wife Julie Talfournier Van Gelder.
Community member Keith Drazek presented the award on behalf of the community selection panel. He enumerated Stéphane Van Gelder’s many contributions & attested to how he was admired for “his passion, his fairness, his ability to find the best in people, & his true gift for uniting people.”
Cherine Chalaby, Chair, ICANN Board, and Göran Marby, President and CEO, ICANN, also remembered Stéphane Van Gelder. Chalaby stated that Van Gelder’s “impact on the ICANN community, & many of us individually, cannot be overstated.” Marby urged community…

2020 ICANN Public Meeting Locations Announced

LOS ANGELES – 25 June 2018 – Today, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names & Numbers (ICANN) announced the locations for the 2020 ICANN Public Meetings. Cancun, Mexico, has been selected as the location in the Latin America and Caribbean region to host ICANN’s 67th Public Meeting, from 7–12 March 2020. The Community Forum will be held at the Cancun International Convention Center.
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, has been selected as the location in the Asia Pacific region to host ICANN’s 68th Public Meeting, from 22–25 June 2020. The Policy Forum will be hosted by Dr. Suhaidi Hassan of the Internet Society Malaysia Chapter at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Center.
Hamburg, Germany, has been selected as the location in the European region to host ICANN’s 69th Public Meeting, from 23–28 October 2020. The Annual General Meeting will be hosted by eco association, DENIC & the City of Hamburg at the Congress Center Hamburg.

Stéphane Van Gelder Announced as Recipient of the 2018 Multistakeholder Ethos Award

PANAMA CITY – 24 June 2018 – The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) is honored to announce the recipient of the 2018 Multistakeholder Ethos Award. This year, the community selection panel is posthumously recognizing a long-time member of the ICANN community: Stéphane Van Gelder.
Please join us for the presentation of the Multistakeholder Ethos Award, which will take place on Monday 25 June at ICANN62:
Date, Time: Monday 25 June, 08:30–09:00 (local) Location: Convention Center Foyer, Megapolis Convention Center, Panama City, Panama
The award will be presented to Stéphane Van Gelder’s wife Julie Talfournier Van Gelder on behalf of the community selection panel & the ICANN community.
ICANN’s mission is to help ensure a stable, secure, & unified worldwide Internet. To reach another person on the Internet, you need to type an address – a name or a number – into your computer or other device. That address must be…

Welcome to ICANN62!

I am excited to welcome you to Panama City, Panama, for ICANN62. This is the second time an ICANN meeting has been held in Central America, and the first time we’ve come to Panama.
ICANN meetings represent an important opportunity for our diverse stakeholders to meet face-to-face & discuss in person the policies that will shape the future of the Domain Name System (DNS). As outlined in the current meeting strategy, the second meeting of each year is a Policy Forum, which is shorter than the other two yearly meetings & doesn’t include an Opening Ceremony or Public Forums. Instead, more time is dedicated to policy work & close interaction between ICANN’s stakeholder groups.
This meeting comes at a critical time for ICANN’s multistakeholder community, as it works together to navigate the implications the European Commission’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has on the future of the WHOIS system. I imagine that…

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