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Month: May 2018

WIPO Domain Name Decision D2018-0663 for,,,,,,,

WIPO Domain Name Decision for,,,,,,, …

Accountability Indicators Goes from Beta to Version 1

Many of you provided constructive feedback since the beta release of our Accountability Indicators last August, which transformed the previous KPI Dashboard. This new platform better communicates our progress towards the strategic & operating plans, & demonstrates the organization's accountability & transparency. As of last Friday, 25 May, we released Version 1, which improves upon the Beta version in areas such as: Improved charts that further leverage new technology features, such as this example: Added new charts depicting additional functional progress, such as this example: An automated update process. which increases data accuracy and efficiency.
Version 2 planning has already begun, with a focus on data-feed automation from ICANN's systems, alignment with the upcoming strategic plan, & continuous improvements. Your feedback is very important to helping us improve, & we look forward to hearing from you. …

ICANN Adobe Connect Services Restored

Today, I'm writing to let you know that we are restoring ICANN’s Adobe Connect collaboration services, effective 1 June 2018. This decision was made following extensive independent and joint forensics investigations by ICANN org, CoSo Cloud LLC (our Adobe Connect cloud service provider) & Adobe Inc to determine the cause & subsequent resolution to the reported security issue. We also enlisted the help of the Security and Stability Advisory Committee member who reported the issue, as well as an independent, expert third-party information security team to help us test the software fixes which addressed the root cause of the issue.
Based on the results of these comprehensive investigations & tests, I feel confident that any known issues have been addressed.
You’ll recall that when addressing this issue, we asked for community input. The community, as well as staff, indicated a strong preference for Adobe Connect to be reinstated.
I want to thank…

ICANN Board Adopts the FY19 Operating Plan & Budget

LOS ANGELES – 31 May 2018 – On 30 May 2018, the Board of Directors of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names & Numbers (ICANN) adopted ICANN’s FY19 Operating Plan & Budget, & updates to the Five-Year Operating Plan. Under ICANN’s post-IANA Stewardship Transition Bylaws, the Empowered Community has the faculty to review, consider, or reject these documents before they go into effect.
ICANN’s FY19 Operating Plan & Budget & updates to the Five-Year Operating Plan are the result of 11 months of collaborative work between the ICANN organization, the community, the PTI Board, & the ICANN Board Finance Committee. These documents include:
Highlights of ICANN Operations, including a summary of changes from the Draft FY19 Operating Plan & Budget. An Overview of ICANN’s FY19 Budget. A Detailed description of the FY19 Operating Plan. Detailed descriptions of the portfolios of activities supporting the goals and objectives described in the ICANN Strategic…

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