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Month: April 2018

What I’ve Learned in a Year of Complaints

In March 2017, the ICANN Complaints Office was established, & I was named the ICANN org Complaints Officer. Since we started accepting submissions in May 2017, we have received 858 from around the international. Of those 858, 22 were complaints regarding the ICANN org, and 836 were submissions related to other processes. It’s been a really interesting & rewarding year. I spent a lot of time establishing the process, navigating the submissions, and, of course, addressing the complaints & issues underlying them. The 22 complaints about the org led to improved processes, & truly added opportunity & value for the org to research, analyze, and improve upon its work, all in a transparent manner. Above all, this has been a learning experience, and I’ve gained additional insight into how the org & the community can work together to improve ICANN. The org made improvements to several processes as a result…

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