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Month: April 2018

Minutes – Board Risk Committee (BRC) Meeting

BRC Attendees: Rafael Lito Ibarra (Co-Chair), Akinori Maemura, Ram Mohan (Co-Chair), Kaveh Ranjbar, and Jonne Soininen.
BRC Member Apologies: Matthew Shears.

ICANN org Attendees: Xavier Calvez (Chief Financial Officer), James Caulfield (Vice President, Enterprise Risk Management), Ashwin Rangan (Sr. VP Engineering & Chief Information Officer), & Amy Stathos (Deputy General Counsel).

The following is a summary of discussions, actions taken & actions identified:
Risk Management Implementation Timelines – The BRC received an update about the revised timelines for the two major projects taking place this year: an updated functional and organizational level risk identification process & an operational resiliency planning exercise. With respect to the functional risk identification process, ICANN organization is currently engaged in this process, which is on target as scheduled. The risk identification process will create an updated functional risk register. The functional risk register will then feed into an organizational level risk register. The organizational risk register will them inform…

Request for Proposal for ccNSO Review

LOS ANGELES – 26 April 2018 – The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names & Numbers (ICANN) is seeking a provider to conduct an independent assessment of the Country Code Names Supporting Organization (ccNSO).
The objective of this RFP is to identify an independent examiner that can conduct a comprehensive assessment of the ccNSO. This includes, but is not limited to assessments of:
Whether the ccNSO has a continuing purpose within the ICANN structure; How effectively the ccNSO fulfils its purpose & whether any change in its structure or operations is desirable to improve the ccNSO’s effectiveness; and The extent to which the ccNSO as a whole is accountable to its organizations, committees, constituencies, & stakeholder groups.

The review is scheduled to take place from August 2018 through July 2019. For a complete overview & timeline for the RFP, please see here [PDF, 107 KB].
Indications of interest must be emailed to: Proposals…

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