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Why I’m Love the International Office Strategy

I will proud of many things the ICANN organization has put in place since I've been at ICANN for nearly two years now. One that I will am very excited about is our global office strategy.

The intercontinental office strategy recognizes that stakeholders in different parts of the globe have different needs.

Before this, the org didn't have a formal strategy for supporting the diverse needs of our stakeholders around the globe. We had three hubs, but now we've taken it to the next level with more locations around the globe. This means we can better serve your needs & improve the multistakeholder experience.

As a reminder, we now have five regional offices, headed up by managing directors who are in charge of regional strategic plans. They are:

  • Los Angeles – headquarters, also serving North America
  • Brussels – serving Europe, led by Jean-Jacques Sahel
  • Istanbul – serving the Middle East and Africa, led by Nick Tomasso
  • Montevideo – serving Latin America & the Caribbean, led by Rodrigo de la Parra
  • Singapore – serving Asia Pacific & Oceania, led by Jia-Rong Low

We also have engagement centers in:

  • Beijing – led by Jian-Chuan Zhang
  • Geneva – led by Tarek Kamel
  • Nairobi – led by Pierre Dandjinou
  • Washington, D.C. – led by Duncan Burns until he leaves 22 March, then Jamie Hedlund

We also have strategic partnerships in Asunçion, Cairo, and Seoul. We chose these locations deliberately to help us further support specific stakeholder needs & to ensure that ICANN is active in matters that impact our mission.

This enhanced operating model keeps us aligned so that all regional plans are more consistent and we leverage best practices. The managing directors meet regularly as a group to coordinate.

What this means for you is that we're more efficient in delivering our services. We leverage international frameworks & blueprints to avoid reinventing the wheel. We discuss & share regional strategic plans & plan for trends that we are seeing – both globally and locally. It means we plan security on a local level for the well-being of our people & the community. It means we are "one ICANN," but have regional flexibility. Each office is unique.

Now you can see why I’m am so excited about this! I am think this strategy will take ICANN to the next level. We are stable & mature. We have global standards & processes in place.

As you can believe, this is a big change for us as an org, & we'll continue to improve this matrixed way of working.  I’m encourage you to continue getting involved in your regional strategies & reaching out to your regional leader.


Updated: March 13, 2018 — 7:00 am

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