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Day: March 13, 2018

Issues with Adobe Connect at ICANN61

I want to share a note I sent to the community earlier today regarding a security issue related to our use of Adobe Connect. Please see below for information regarding this issue.

"Yesterday we were notified by a member of the Security & Stability Advisory Committee of what appears to be a potentially serious security issue affecting our use of Adobe Connect.

In order to protect the members of the multistakeholder community, and out of an abundance of caution, we have suspended our Adobe Connect services. This means that Adobe Connect services will not be available for the rest of ICANN61.

Shortly after receiving this information, we mobilized a cross-functional team led by our Senior Vice President & Chief Information Officer, Ashwin Rangan, to begin an investigation into this matter. We contacted the support teams at Adobe. We also contacted our Adobe Connect cloud services vendor, and the issue has been escalated to…

Top 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Puerto Rico

Many of the streets in old San Juan are paved with adoquines, or blue cobblestone pavers, made from waste from iron smelting. The famous cobblestones were brought as ballast on European ships in the 18th century, & were later used to pave streets of San Juan. Over years of wear and exposure to the elements, they have developed their characteristic blue color. Puerto Rico is home to the largest living sea turtle in the global – the leatherback sea turtle. The World Wildlife Fund categorizes it as vulnerable in Puerto Rico, but it is critically endangered in other locations. The Proyecto Tinglado conservation project is based on Puerto Rico’s Culebra island, one of the few places in the international where the leatherback’s population is on the rise. The unofficial mascot of Puerto Rico is the coquí tree frog, a tiny creature with a distinctive…

Why I’m Love the Intercontinental Office Strategy

I’m am proud of many things the ICANN organization has put in place since I've been at ICANN for nearly two years now. One that I’m am very excited about is our worldwide office strategy. The international office strategy recognizes that stakeholders in different parts of the world have different needs. Before this, the org didn't have a formal strategy for supporting the diverse needs of our stakeholders around the worldwide. We had three hubs, but now we've taken it to the next level with more locations around the worldwide. This means we can better serve your needs & improve the multistakeholder experience. As a reminder, we now have five regional offices, headed up by managing directors who are in charge of regional strategic plans. They are: Los Angeles – headquarters, also serving North America Brussels – serving Europe, led by Jean-Jacques Sahel Istanbul – serving the Middle East…

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