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Month: March 2018

CCWG-Accountability WS2 Final Report

Open Date: 30 March 2018 Close Date: 11 May 2018 Originating Organization: Cross Community Working Group on Enhancing ICANN Accountability (CCWG-Accountability) Categories/Tags: Accountability Brief Overview: Purpose: This Public Comment seeks community input on whether there are any inconsistencies1 between the various sets of recommendations within the Cross Community Working Group on Enhancing ICANN Accountability’s (CCWG-Accountability) final report from its Work Stream 2 (WS2). The CCWG-Accountability WS2 final report is a compilation of eight reports generated through individual sub-groups of the CCWG-Accountability, each of which has already been the subject of public comment. These eight reports are on the topics identified at Section 27.1. of the ICANN Bylaws2, which defined WS2. Current Status: At its 9 March 2018 face-to-face meeting at ICANN61 in San Juan, Puerto Rico, the CCWG-Accountability completed its approval of each of the sub-group reports for inclusion within the WS2…

Data Protection/Privacy Issues Update: Discussion with Article 29 Working Party

I want to provide you with an update on our most recent discussions with the Article 29 Working Party regarding the European Union's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) & its impact on the collection, retention & publication of domain name registration data & the WHOIS system. Today we had a good conversation with representatives from the technology subgroup of the Article 29 Working Party on these points. Our discussion today focused on a follow up from our previous calls, and to make ICANN org available to answer questions on ICANN's Proposed Interim Compliance Model [PDF, 922 KB] (the "Cookbook"). We outlined the steps we had taken subsequent to the last call & highlighted the continued collection of additional inputs from our community. We also discussed the timing and next steps for obtaining advice for ICANN and its contracted parties. We heard clearly from the representatives that they understood the issues…

Maximal Starting Repertoire Version 3 (MSR-3) for the Development of Label Generation Rules for the Root Zone

LOS ANGELES – 29 March 2018 – The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names & Numbers (lCANN) today announced the release of the third version of the Maximal Starting Repertoire (MSR-3). This version is upwardly compatible with MSR-2 and adds three code points each to the repertoires of Han & Latin scripts. Under the Procedure to Develop & Maintain Label Generation Rules for the Root Zone with Respect to IDN Labels [PDF, 72 KB] , the MSR is the starting point for the work by community based Generation Panels which are developing the proposals for relevant scripts for the Root Zone Label Generation Rules (RZ-LGR). The contents of MSR-3 and the detailed rationale behind its development are described in MSR-3-Overview & Rationale [PDF, 242 KB]. The RZ-LGR is a mechanism for determining valid IDN top-level domain labels & their variant labels.
MSR-3 covers the following 28 scripts: Arabic, Armenian, Bengali, Cyrillic, Devanagari,…

Annual IANA Functions Audits Validate ICANN Systems Controls

LOS ANGELES – 29 March 2018 – The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names & Numbers (ICANN) has completed audits of the Public Technical Identifiers (PTI) Registry Assignment & Maintenance Systems (RAMS) and the Root Zone Domain Name System Security Extensions (DNSSEC) services provided as part of the IANA functions. Global accounting firm PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) conducted the audits for the period of 1 October 2016 through 30 November 2017.
For the fifth consecutive year, a Service Organization Control (SOC) 2 audit of PTI’s RAMS shows that the ICANN organization has the appropriate controls in place to ensure the security, availability, & integrity of IANA request processing.
For the eighth consecutive year, SOC 3 certification has been achieved for the management of the DNSSEC root key signing key, which is the trust anchor of the domain name system. The SOC 3 certification demonstrates that effective security controls are maintained to manage the root key…

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