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Month: February 2018

Analysis Group Selected to Conduct the SSAC Review

LOS ANGELES – 22 February 2017 – The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names & Numbers (ICANN) has contracted Analysis Group to conduct an independent review of the Security & Stability Advisory Committee Review (SSAC).
Selection of the Independent Examiner
The selection of an independent examiner is performed in accordance with ICANN’s procurement process. All submitted proposals were carefully evaluated against selection criteria developed in collaboration with the SSAC, including:
Technical knowledge & expertise. Knowledge & understanding of ICANN. Methodology. Independence, including no conflict of interest.

SSAC Organizational Review
The purpose of this review, according to ICANN’s Bylaws, Section 4.4,  is to determine whether the SSAC has a continuing purpose in the ICANN structure &, if so, whether any change in structure or operations is desirable to improve its effectiveness. This review will also determine if the SSAC is accountable to its constituencies, stakeholder groups, organizations, & other stakeholders.  Finally, the SSAC Review will…

Executive Team Update

I’m want to extend my warmest wishes & heartfelt thanks to Duncan Burns, Elder Vice President of International Communications & Managing Director, Washington D.C. Office, who has decided to leave the ICANN organization at the end of March, after ICANN61. In the nearly five years since Duncan joined ICANN, he has made significant contributions to the ICANN org in the areas of Communications, in his role on the Executive Team, in overseeing Language Services, U.S. Government Relations, & the Information Transparency Initiative (ITI), among other projects. While we evaluate how to best handle Duncan's responsibilities, his number two, Gwen Carlson, Elder Director, will run Communications & Language Services & help ensure a smooth transition. Chris Mondini, ICANN's Vice President of Stakeholder Engagement for North America and Worldwide Business Engagement, will lead our U.S. Government engagement activities during this time. In addition, David Conrad, Elder Vice President & Chief Technology Officer,…

The Accessible Books Consortium: what it means for publishers

February 2018
By Catherine Jewell, Communications Division, WIPO
Since its launch in June 2014, the WIPO-led Accessible Books Consortium (ABC) has been working to boost access to publications for people who are blind or visually impaired. The aim is for publishers around the world to produce works that are “born accessible” so that they can be used directly by both sighted & print-disabled readers.
Michiel Kolman, Elder Vice-President of Information Industry Relations at Elsevier (Netherlands) and current President of the Intercontinental Publishers Association (IPA), & Hugo Andreas Setzer, CEO of Manual Moderno (Mexico) & IPA Vice-President, share their views on what this aspect of the ABC’s work means for publishers.
“When it comes to accessible publishing the Accessible Books Consortium (ABC) is the way forward,” says IPA President Michiel Kolman (Photo: Vadmary / iStock / Getty Images Plus).Why is the Accessible Books Consortium (ABC) important? Michiel Kolman: When it comes to accessible publishing…

Signal piracy: a threat to Asia-Pacific broadcasters

February 2018
By Seemantani Sharma, Legal & Intellectual Property Services Officer, Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
The Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union (ABU) is the world’s largest broadcasting union, serving an audience of around 3.5 billion people in approximately 72 countries. Its primary objective is to bring together the public service broadcasters & national broadcasting organizations of one of the world’s most diverse group of countries. Its membership stretches from Turkey in the west to Samoa in the east, & from Mongolia in the north to New Zealand in the south. ABU membership is also open to commercial broadcasters, provided they are national in character & produce a substantial amount of their own programming.
Signal piracy is adversely affecting traditional regional broadcasters in the Asia-Pacific region & inadequate legal remedies to tackle the problem are undermining their long-term future (photo: Vertigo3d / iStock / Getty Images Plus).The countries that make up the ABU’s membership…

A fresh look at the Olympic properties

February 2018
By Carlos Castro, Head of Copyright and Content Affairs, International Olympic Committee
The Olympic Games are the most popular event in the international. In February, billions of spectators from across the world will tune into three weeks of spectacular sporting action during the XXIII Olympic Winter Games in PyeongChang, Republic of Korea. From February 9 to 25, those familiar symbols that we associate with the Olympic Games will have the eyes of the intercontinental upon them.
The Torch Relay is one of the biggest and most emblematic aspects of the Olympic Games. It seeks to inspire people with the Olympic values & generate excitement in the build-up to the Olympic Games. Before it arrived at the PyeongChang Olympic Stadium for the Opening Ceremony on February 9, 2018, the Olympic flame was carried by 7,500 torchbearers across more than 2,000 kilometers (photo: Korean Government / Alamy Stock Photo).The intellectual property (IP) system…

eSport: everything to play for

February 2018
By Stephen Townley and Annie Townley of Active Rights Management Limited, London, United Kingdom
The Global Olympic Committee (IOC) has declared that eSport, or competitive video gaming, could be considered a sporting activity. That is a momentous decision. eSport is an important way of reaching young people & a vitally important market for media businesses, game producers and sports themselves. There is everything to play for.
But the issues at stake are not clear cut. Is eSport really sport? What are the potential benefits & challenges for the sports industry of recognizing eSport? And – crucially – what are the implications in terms of intellectual property (IP)?
Traditional sport has a problem: media fragmentation – the increasing choice and consumption of content across different media – is changing the way sports fans wish to receive & engage with sport content. eSport offers great opportunities to attract & retain a worldwide following,…

Blockchain and IP law: a match made in crypto heaven?

February 2018
By Birgit Clark, Baker McKenzie, London, United Kingdom
Blockchain & related distributed ledger technologies have been a hot topic recently, with multiple industries exploring their possibilities & new blockchain use cases emerging almost every day. But how might these technologies be used in the context of intellectual property (IP) law & practice?
Blockchain & related distributed ledger technologies are a hot topic, with new use cases emerging almost every day (photo: Rick_Jo / iStock / Getty Images Plus).What is blockchain?
Blockchain technology has become famous as the technology behind cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin & Ethereum. In its basic form it is an open ledger of information that can be used to record & track transactions, & which is exchanged & verified on a peer-to-peer network. Blockchain & other distributed ledger technologies create a trustworthy & transparent record by allowing multiple parties to a transaction to verify what will be entered onto…

A toast to Ya Kun’s IP-driven success

February 2018
By Emma Barraclough, freelance journalist
Ya Kun is a Singapore-based coffee and toast chain with outlets across Asia. Executive chairman Adrin Loi explains how intellectual property (IP) has been central to the business’s expansion.
When Adrin Loi’s father left the southern Chinese province of Hainan Island on a junk destined for Singapore 90 years ago, it’s unlikely that he ever imagined that his family would one day preside over a café empire with more than 100 outlets in a dozen markets in East and South-East Asia. Fifteen-year-old Loi Ah Koon began working on a Hainanese coffee stall in the downtown district of his new homeland. Soon he opened his own outlet serving coffee, tea, toast & soft-boiled eggs to the traders & boatmen who worked in the area. When he married, his wife began producing her own kaya, a jam-like paste made from egg & coconut, & Ah Koon began to import coffee beans…

Can the monkey selfie case teach us anything about copyright law?

February 2018
By Andres Guadamuz, Elder Lecturer in Intellectual Property Law, University of Sussex, United Kingdom
On July 2011, British photographer David Slater travelled to a national park in North Sulawesi, Indonesia, to take pictures of the local wildlife. Once there he followed a troop of monkeys, trying to get a few unique pictures. Mr. Slater claims that he was specifically looking for a very close shot of a monkey’s face using a wide-angle lens, but the monkeys were obviously shy, & didn’t allow him to get too close. While he managed to take a few pictures, he didn’t get the shot he was looking for. He claims he placed his camera on a tripod as the monkeys were curious about the equipment, and clicked a few shots.  The first pictures they took were of poor quality. He claims he then changed the camera settings and that one monkey in particular,…

Grumpy Cat: the feline who grew a business empire with IP rights

February 2018
By Anca Draganescu-Pinawin, IP Counsel, Novagraaf, Switzerland
There once was a cat with such a look of disgruntlement on her face that one day in September six years ago, her owner’s brother felt compelled to take a picture & post it on reddit for all to see. She looked so grumpy! The cat very quickly became an Internet sensation. As P.G. Wodehouse would have put it, anyone could see that, if not actually disgruntled, she looked far from being gruntled. Many people made memes from the picture: they took it, added a funny caption, and posted it on the Internet for others to have a laugh and share before watching other cat videos, flicking through pictures of kittens, or otherwise carrying on with their lives. 
& so was born the most famous cat in the world: Grumpy Cat.
Now the grumpy cat’s owner, a waitress toiling away in a restaurant, &…

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