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Month: September 2017

ICANN Delays Changing Keys Protecting the Domain Name System

Los Angeles, California… The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names & Numbers (“ICANN”) today announced that the plan to change the cryptographic key that helps protect the Domain Name System (DNS) is being postponed.
The changing or “rolling” of the key was originally scheduled to occur on 11 October, but it is being delayed because some recently obtained data shows that a significant number of resolvers used by Internet Service Providers (ISPs) & Network Operators are not yet ready for the Key Rollover.
There may be multiple reasons why operators do not have the new key installed in their systems: some may not have their resolver software properly configured & a recently discovered issue in one widely used resolver program appears to not be automatically updating the key as it should, for reasons that are still being explored.
“The security, stability and resiliency of the domain name system is our core mission. We would…

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WIPO Translate: Cutting-Edge Translation Tool For Patent Documents Extends Language Coverage

Geneva, September 25, 2017PR/2017/809
WIPO’s ground-breaking “artificial intelligence”-based translation tool for patent documents is now available in ten languages, marking an important expansion of the highest-quality service yet available for accessing information on new technologies.
WIPO Translate uses cutting-edge neural machine translation technology to render highly technical patent documents into a second language in a style and syntax that more closely mirrors common usage, out-performing patent-translation tools built on previous technologies as well as other web-based products also using artificial intelligence.
WIPO Translate powers PATENTSCOPE, a 65 million record strong database used for research by inventors before filing global patent applications around the globe via WIPO’s Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT).
WIPO has “trained” the new technology to translate all patent documents in one of the official languages of the PCT (Arabic, German, Spanish, French, Korean, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian & Chinese) into English & vice-versa. A version of the tool launched in 2016 was initially available in English and Chinese.
“Extending WIPO Translate to more language pairs is a welcome development for innovators around the global. It ensures accessibility to the state-of-the-art knowledge created in the main languages of the production of technology,” said WIPO Director General Francis Gurry.  “The speed & accuracy of translations through WIPO Translate is unique because this tool is trained by & focused solely on patent documents, instead of a more-disparate array of texts, thereby producing higher-quality translations,” he added.
WIPO Translate is trained exclusively with huge amounts of patent texts & includes a “domain-aware-technique” that translates according to the specificity of…

Secret Hosting

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ICANN CTO Tours Asia To Engage the Technical Community & Regional Stakeholders

SINGAPORE … Internet Corporation for Assigned Names & Numbers (ICANN) Chief Technology Officer (CTO) David Conrad kicks off a four-city Asia tour to engage regional stakeholders and technical community today.
Conrad is visiting China, India, Japan and Singapore over two weeks. He will be meeting regional stakeholders to share information about ICANN’s technical role in the domain name ecosystem, & explore potential partnership opportunities in the technical field. He will also visit major technology firms & research institutions to better understand key regional technological developments.
“The mission of my office is to constantly improve knowledge & technical operation of the unique identifiers of the domain name system that ICANN helps to coordinate. This tour is very much in support of that fact-finding & knowledge sharing mission,” said David Conrad, ICANN CTO.
“I used to live in Asia & appreciate the creativity & innovation that emerges from this region. I’m hoping to find some…

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