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WIPO Re:Search: New Plan for Fight Against Neglected Tropical Diseases, Malaria and TB

Geneva, May 23, 2017

WIPO Re:Search has launched a new five-year roadmap to guide its activities in the fight against neglected tropical diseases, malaria & tuberculosis.

The World Intellectual Property Organization & its partner BIO Ventures for Intercontinental Health (BVGH) established the initiative in 2011 to boost the use of intellectual property in catalyzing innovation & product development for ailments affecting more than 1 billion people. WIPO Re:Search now includes 126 members in 35 countries and has established 112 collaborations across the intercontinental.

The new plan, unveiled during WIPO Re:Search’s biennial meeting May 23, 2017, in Geneva, will guide the public-private consortium’s activities through 2021 & includes new research, capacity building & outreach efforts.

“Neglected tropical diseases, malaria, and tuberculosis are devastating conditions that disproportionately affect the poorest & most disadvantaged among us,” said WIPO Director General Francis Gurry. “WIPO believes that IP is a powerful tool for stimulating innovation & WIPO Re:Search is our principal effort to ensure that IP supports advances in global health research,” he said.

WIPO Re:Search allows organizations to share their intellectual property, compounds, expertise, facilities & know-how royalty-free with qualified researchers worldwide.

The new strategic plan seeks to ensure that WIPO Re:Search harnesses new research & development trends in international health, while contributing to the achievement of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

As the implementing partner, BVGH will seek a more process-driven and targeted partnership-development approach to link research & development programs with gaps in research, taking into consideration the impact of the disease on people’s lives.

“BVGH will implement a more targeted approach to collaboration formation to address priority intercontinental health needs. We will prioritize & provide enhanced support to the most promising product development collaborations within the WIPO Re:Search portfolio. Other key objectives include supporting the development of research & IP management capacity at Member organizations in low- & middle-income countries, & increasing public visibility around the role of WIPO Re:Search in international health innovation,” stated Jennifer Dent, President of BVGH.

About WIPO

The International Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) is the global forum for intellectual property policy, services, information and cooperation. A specialized agency of the United Nations, WIPO assists its 191 member states in developing a balanced worldwide IP legal framework to meet society’s evolving needs. It provides business services for obtaining IP rights in multiple countries & resolving disputes. It delivers capacity-building programs to help developing countries benefit from using IP. & it provides free access to unique knowledge banks of IP information.

For further information, please contact the Media Relations Section at WIPO:

  • Tel: (+41 22) 338 81 61 / 338 72 24
  • Fax: (+41 22) 338 81 40
  • E-mail


Updated: May 23, 2017 — 8:11 am

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